Helping families like yours from Chicago to Des Moines. Save 30 to 50% on body repairs. Automotive specialists  helping you save. Low overhead and our knowledge can make a world of difference in your repair costs..

Looking for a repair shop you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest auto repair team in the area. 

Our family has been into working on cars since back in the early 70s when we started out in an old farm building just down the road from Arnie The Farmer Beswick

Automotive AUTOMOTIVEAFTERMARKETPARTS Plus we do alot of BODYWORKCLINTONIOWA, area and surrounding 200 mile radius and deliver for free within a 50 mile radius of our shop. 

 AutomotiveAftermarketParts, Body Work, and saving customers money is our expertise. 

​​Need a bumper and fender  For most cars we supply the parts, paint them, install them for $500. Need a whole front clip, most cars under $1500

The best prices for After Market Body Parts and lots of other carpartsdavenportiowa area.  After Market Body Parts in Clinton Iowa and the surrounding 200 mile radius for the do it your selfer who wants to save more. You can shop at the big names like Oriellybodyparts, the local automotive dealers or you can buy here and save alot of your hard earned money. 


7 am to 10 pm call for an 

estimate save 30 to 50 %

Low cost body parts, body work, painting and delivery and even installation at your location.

Please see our family section if you would like to know more about us


Beswick Auto Repair and Aftermarket Body Parts

Are  you like us and like to live healthy ? Maybe you believe family and having faith are the two most important things in life like we do. Visit our Family Benefit Section

A small family business that has lived on wheels for decades.Dedicated to helping your family save on car repairs, body parts and a unique life saving device along with some personal gifts. Families helping Families in our opinion is what life is all about.

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The only life saving device on the market like it. click here 

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